The links below take you to important resources for this project. The list of resources will grow as the project goes along. Please check back regularly to see the latest design ideas, data, presentations, summaries of community feedback, and other information that will inform the streetscape design.


Important project documents will be posted here as they become available.

City of Charlottesville Smart Scale Application

The Commonwealth of Virginia selected this project for funding through the state’s Smart Scale project selection process. The City’s application for Smart Scale includes background information about the project, describes the state-identified needs that it fulfills, and includes a cost estimate for the design and improvements. Emmet Street Corridor Streetscape and Intersections – SMART SCALE Webportal

Right-of-Way Plans

Click here to view the right-of-way plans.

Meetings and Outreach Summaries

Emmet Streetscape Public Hearing – December 3, 2019
  1. Emmet Streetscape Plan View
  2. Emmet Streetscape Typical Sections
  3. Emmet Streetscape Project Furnishings
  4. Emmet Streetscape Project Landscape Palate
  5. Emmet Streetscape Level of Service
  6. Emmet Streetscape Multi-Modal Existing Conditions Board
  7. Emmet Streetscape Welcome
  8. Emmet Streetscape Brochure and Comment Form
  9. Emmet Streetscape Design Plans
  10. NEPA Document

City Council Public Hearing – February 4, 2019
Planning Commission Public Hearing – January 8, 2019
Planning Commission, Steering Committee, and PLACE Committee – December 2018
UVA Student Information Meeting – September 17, 2018
Steering Committee 2 – August 9, 2018
Community Information Meeting 1 – May 12, 2018
Steering Committee 1 – April 18, 2018