Project Purpose


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Steering Committee
Technical Committee

Emmet Street is a gateway to our city and the University of Virginia. People live, meet friends, celebrate big wins, ride or drive to work, and walk or bike to class on this street each day. Emmet Street is a vital place and the first impression of our community for out-of-town visitors. The purpose of this project is to redesign Emmet Street between Ivy Road/University Avenue and Arlington Boulevard, transforming it into a complete street that safely accommodates all people, regardless of their abilities or means of travel.

The state awarded Charlottesville with $12 million in Smart Scale funding to design and construct improvements to Emmet Street including bicycle lanes, a shared-use path, bus shelters and consolidated bus stops, new pedestrian signals and handicapped-accessible crosswalks, and landscaping. The project will result in a street design that works for all users, creates a beautiful and inviting gateway to our community, and is safer for everyone.

Most importantly, the street must serve the people that use it each day. Your ideas and observations about Emmet Street are needed to create a successful design. We encourage you to get involved, visit this site frequently, and share your ideas through the Get Involved page.

View the project timeline on our schedule page. Thank you for visiting and showing interest in the future of Emmet Street.

Steering Committee

  • Gregg Bleam, Lewis Mountain Neighborhood Association
  • Thomas Funari, Federal Realty, Barracks Road Shopping Center
  • Lisa Green, Planning Commission
  • Alex Ikefuna, Neighborhood Development Services
  • Brian Menard, Tree Commission
  • Hamilton Lombard, Venable Neighborhood Association
  • Mary Hughes, University of Virginia
  • Beth Meyer, Lewis Mountain Neighborhood Association
  • Claude Morris, Buckingham Branch Railroad Company
  • Peter Ohlms, Bike & Pedestrian Advisory Committee
  • Abigail Palko, The Meadows Neighborhood Association
  • Vipul Patel, Gallery Court Hotel
  • Nat Perkins, P.E., UVA Foundation
  • Rebecca White, University of Virginia
  • Peter Russell, Tree Commission
  • Jess Wenger, Fry’s Spring Neighborhood Association
  • Bobbie Williams, Jefferson Park Avenue Neighborhood Association


Technical Committee

  • Brennen Duncan, Neighborhood Development Services, City Traffic Engineer
  • Doug Ehman, Parks and Recreation
  • Alex Ikefuna, Neighborhood Development Services
  • Brenda Kelley, Redevelopment Manager City of Charlottesville
  • Juwhan Lee, Charlottesville Area Transit (CAT)
  • Jason McIlwee, Utilities
  • Amanda Poncy, Bike & Pedestrian Advisory Committee
  • Carrie Rainey, PLACE, Neighborhood Development Services, Planning
  • William Sclafani, Police
  • Martin Silman, Neighborhood Development Services, City Engineer
  • Eric Thomas, Police